Specially configured hosting
to get the most out of WordPress

We are constantly in search of the best technologies available to get the maximum performance from Wordpress. We are not like everyone else, we are faster with Wordpress. We have been working and developing experience only for this goal for many years.

High performance platform


Latest generation network 

We use worldwide servers and CDN distribution to allow our customers' sites to be super fast. All of our storage is NVMe, meaning it's up to 10x faster than SSD which is the standard used by everyone.

The most powerful caching technology

In addition to using NGINX Direct Delivery we also offer next generation caching in all our servers and this means that in the Wordpress sites we host we do not need to use caching plugins and we can have faster loading times, and it is great for search engines.

Best technologies immediately available

We rapidly provide all our users with access to the latest speed technologies. Don't wait to take advantage of the latest PHP versions or the most innovative compression protocols and algorithms such as Brotli, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3 and OCSP Stapling.

Ultra-fast PHP configuration

We've reduced the TTFB (time to first byte) and made overall resource usage more efficient, to allow your Wordpress pages to load much faster than standard PHP configurations with our special configuration.

Multilevel and redundant backups

Multilevel backup strategy for creating and maintaining backups to ensure maximum data retention and rapid recovery in the event of a disaster. Backup on servers, on accounts, and directly with WordPress plugins. And recovery is also multilevel.

Instant Monitoring System

We have created a system that can check the server status very quickly. And not only do we solve problems before you know it, but we prevent them and, thanks to our experts, put the best solutions into practice immediately.

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WordPress was designed for building websites without knowing code, but in reality, there's always the possibility of running into a problem you don't know how to fix. But we know it. Our Wordpress experts are so experienced that we have never found an unsolvable problem. We have a solution for every WordPress problem.

Are you struggling with Wordpress? Let us know: we put our friendly and professional assistance at your disposal and above all... we solve.
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With our team of WordPress enthusiasts and years of experience we carry out successful projects.
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